Friday, October 4, 2013

It was fifteen years ago today

Fifteen years ago today Vicky Reich and I were hiking the Cañada de Pala trail at Joseph D. Grant County Park when we came up with the idea for the LOCKSS technology. The next day we pitched the idea to Michael Keller, the Stanford Librarian, and got permission to start the project. As I recall, Michael told us:
  • Don't cost me any money.
  • Don't get me in to trouble.
  • Do what you like.
You can't ask better than that. The name for the project came later, on a rather muddy hike to Berry Creek Falls in Big Basin Redwoods State Park.


Peter B said...

Many congratulations to you both

David. said...

Today's Google Doodle celebrates Google's 19th birthday, making it exactly 1 week older than the LOCKSS Program.