Monday, March 17, 2014

Seagate's Kinetic hard drives

I was impressed by Seagate's announcement last October of their Kinetic Open Storage Platform and blogged about it at the time. I should have paid more attention. My ex-colleague at Sun, Geoff Arnold, who knows far more than I do about scale-out systems (he worked at Amazon) also blogged about the announcement, and his post is so worth reading that it got over 40K hits in the first two weeks! You should join the crowd.

And this week Seagate and the German storage firm Rausch announced at CeBit the first storage system product I've seen based on Kinetic drives, the BigFoot Object Storage Solution. A rack of these 4U units would hold 2.8PB.


Mark T. Kennedy said...

is it me, or is the link to arnold's blog post missing from yours? and yes, i'm lazy :-).

David. said...

My bad, yes. Fixed.

David. said...

More on the Rausch/Kinetic story here.