Thursday, April 9, 2020

Yay, Library of Congress!

LoC Web Archive team
The web archiving team at the Library of Congress got some high-visibility, well-deserved publicity in the New York Times with Steven Kurutz's Meet Your Meme Lords:
For the past 20 years, a small team of archivists at the Library of Congress has been collecting the web, quietly and dutifully in its way. The initiative was born out of a desire to collect and preserve open-access materials from the web, especially U.S. government content around elections, which makes this the team’s busy season.

But the project has turned into a sweeping catalog of internet culture, defunct blogs, digital chat rooms, web comics, tweets and most other aspects of online life.
Kurutz did a good job; the article is well worth reading.

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David. said...

Thom Dunn's The Library of Congress is launching an open-source archive of hip-hop samples dating back more than a century reports on an interesting initiative:

"Citizen DJ is the brainchild of Brian Foo, a 2020 Innovator-in-Residence Program at the U.S. Library of Congress. The goal of the project is simple: to provide free audio and video samples to encourage creativity through remixing."