Monday, August 28, 2017

Recent Comments Widget

I added a "Recent Comments" widget to the sidebar of my blog. I should have done this a long time ago, sorry! The reason it is needed is that I frequently add comments to old, sometimes very old, posts as a way of tracking developments that don't warrant a whole new post.

For example, my post from last December BITAG on the IoT has accumulated 52 comments, the most recent from August 25th. That's more than one a week! I've been using it as a place to post notes about the evolving security disaster that is the IoT. I need to do a new post about the IoT but it hasn't risen to the top of the stack of draft posts yet.

One thing the widget will show is that not many of you comment on my posts. I'm really very grateful to those who do, so please take the risk of commenting. I moderate comments, so they don't show up immediately. And if I think they're off-topic or unsuitable they won't show up at all. But comments I disagree with are welcome, and can spark a useful exchange. See, for example, the discussion of inflation in the comments on Economic Model of Long-Term Storage, which clarified a point I thought was obvious but clearly wasn't. Thank you, Rick Levine!

Hat tip to Nitin Maheta,  from whose recent comments widget mine was adapted.


Rick Levine said...

You're welcome! Thanks for doing interesting things, writing about them, and letting us kibbitz.

David. said...

Nick Krabbenhöft‏ @NKrabben has made two useful contributions. He created @dshr_comments, a bot that tweets these comments. And he saved me a whole lot of future work by developing this handy program.