Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Cost-Effective Large LOCKSS Box

Back in August I wrote A Cost-Effective DIY LOCKSS Box, describing a small, 8-slot LOCKSS box capable of providing about 48TB of raw RAID-6 storage at about $64/TB. Now, the existing boxes in the CLOCKSS Archive's 12-node network are nearing the end of their useful life. We are starting a rolling program to upgrade them with much larger boxes to accommodate future growth in the archive.

Last week the first of the upgraded LOCKSS boxes came on-line. They are 4U systems with 45 slots for 3.5" drives from, the same boxes Backblaze uses. We are leaving 9 slots empty for future upgrades and populating the rest with 36 8TB WD Gold drives, giving about 224TB of raw RAID-6 storage, say a bit over 200TB after file system overhead. etc. We are specifying 64GB of RAM and dual CPUs. This configuration on the 45drives website is about $28K before tax and shipping. Using the cheaper WD Purple drives it would be about $19K.

45drives has recently introduced a cost-reduced version. Configuring this with 45 8TB Purple drives and 32GB RAM would get 280TB for $17K, or about $61/TB. It would be even cheaper with the Seagate 8TB archive drives we are using in the 8-slot box.

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